Three Things You Can Rent for the Home

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Generally speaking buying is cheaper than renting. But there are times when renting makes more sense economically and practically; such as when we need a tool for just one project or a few extra chairs for a party. Whatever the reason, hiring provides an alternative to purchasing that can solve a number of practical issues. Intrigued? Here are three things you can hire for the home.


Furniture rental can be extremely useful if you’re relocating, staging your property to sell, or just need a piece of furniture for a short-term purpose.

You can rent entire home packages or single designer pieces, and you can keep them for anywhere between one day and 15 years. There are a number of furniture rental companies in the UK, according to a quick Google search.

Moving Boxes

Moving house is stressful, exhausting and expensive. Relieve some of that stress by renting moving crates instead of buying (or traipsing around to find free) cardboard boxes.

They are delivered to your home, often with additional items like a sack barrow, labels and bubble wrap. When you’ve packed up and moved, the crates are collected. Never again will you need to break down 100 cardboard boxes and try to squeeze them in the recycling bin.

If you need more convincing you should know that crates are much sturdier than cardboard boxes and they are more eco-friendly (despite being made of plastic).

Tools and DIY Equipment

So many of us fall into the trap of buying tools we’ll only use once, when we could actually save money (and storage space) by renting them.

You can rent all manner of tools and equipments, from saws and drills to floor sanders and even concrete mixers. Renting prices vary according to the type of tool you’re hiring, but you can expect to save significantly on the price of purchasing.

Bonus Suggestions

Did you know you can also hire party supplies such as tableware, props and decorations? This is really useful for those important but infrequent events you need to host.

You can also hire just about anything else. BorroClub is an online community that allows you to hire items from people who live near you. Items include bright pink gazebos, guitar amps, vintage tea sets, luggage, books and much, much more.

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