Using green in your interiors

Green is the colour we associate with nature, energy and the Great Outdoors and so it’s the perfect colour choice to use in interior design to help you feel calm. Green is a quiet restful colour that can help you feel less anxious. Think of looking up at a canopy of trees, the expanse of green in a lovely park, a summer lawn and rolling fields; all relaxing spaces.

Divine Savages

The power of pattern

There are hundreds of different patterns, but I group them into a few broad categories to help plan my overall look. From stripes and spots to florals and damask, I will show you how to mix and match patterns.

Using Pattern

Using pattern in the home

Patterns can seem intimidating at first, but once you have a few guidelines, they’re not difficult to work with — and they’re guaranteed to add life and joy to a space. From subtle accents and statement features to full-on layering and clashing prints – go as bold as you dare.