Utilitarian kitchen utensils

Whether you are serious cook or just love using quality utensils for everyday family life, having lovely things in the kitchen will make you smile everyday. I love investing in beautifully made utilitarian utensils. Here are my top ten.

Heritage style

The modern take on the classic heritage style sees traditional elements – such as panelling, rich colour palettes and patterned wallpaper – paired seamlessly with more contemporary accents to provide the perfect blend of “old meets new”. If you’re looking to add a touch of old-world charm and grandeur to your space, explore the full trend below for some inspiration!

10 fun summer buys

Summer is often a time when we focus on our gardens rather than our homes, but a few fun summer buys can really make a difference to your home. Here are a few of my favourites this season.

Plastic Free Kitchen Essentials

There’s a surprising amount of plastic in the average kitchen, and I don’t just mean food packaging and cling film. Chopping boards, utensils, storage containers and mixing bowls are just some of the items commonly made of plastic. I don’t recommend throwing away perfectly good plastic utensils for the sake of ridding your home of…