Brands I love – Pooky Lighting

Pooky Lighting is all about beautiful, decorative lighting. They say they are about “lights that look as though they cost a fortune, but don’t”.

The company was founded by Rohan Blacker, who trained first as a lawyer, then worked in catering before going into interiors with the launch of He sold and decided to launch Pooky because he believes lights are the first thing anyone should think about when designing a home.

Pooky is all about decorative lights and a love of colour and shape. They make beautiful, well-made, slightly eclectic lamps, pendants and shades at a price that is a lot more reasonable than you might expect. They sell a range of lamp bases in lots of different  configurations of antique brass, nickel, ceramic, glass, wood and resin; and lampshades in lots of different shapes and sizes. The lampshades are made of Belgian and Italian linens, Indian silks, Turkish silk ikats, hand-printed silks from Rajasthan and block-printed cottons. You can mix and match lamp bases and shades to create your perfect light.

They also sell wall lights and gorgeous pendants, but it’s their lamps they are most well known for.

For my clients who are a little afraid of painting their whole room in dark red or teal blue, introducing bright colours through their lampshades is a good first step into the world of colour. Lampshades can create eye-catching punctuations and dramatic ceiling lights can make an otherwise simple room look striking.

Here are some of their classic designs:

Ikat lampshades

One of the things Pooky has become most well-known for are their range of ikat designer lampshades. A simple printed linen ikat shade adds a quirky, colourful touch to a room. 

Rechargeable table lamps

Elegant illuminated marble rechargable lamps have no flexes and can be moved to any room. They are also dimmable. Genius!

Clear glass pendants

Pooky use the highest quality molten glass which is then individually blown into a mould to create these stunning pendant lights. They come in four sizes. 

Wall sconces

I love this Pooky take on an Art Deco classic in a bathroom. They can be used in other rooms too – they are perfect in narrow hallways for instance.

Glamorous chandeliers

This multi-faceted chandelier is made from rectangular brass and glass panels and has 6 bulbs and a beautiful mercurised finish to the glass. It’s a dramatic and beautiful statement light.

Floor lamps

One of Pooky’s best sellers is the solid brass Trafalgar floor lamp. It is a very simple and elegant design which works well in both contemporary and traditional settings. 

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