Give your home five star hotel vibes

Making your home feeling like a luxury hotel is easy when you know how.

Create a spa like bathroom

Victorian Plumbing

To give your bathroom a unique spa-like feel, choose one feature that gives it a standout designer look; a roll top bath, marble tiles, designer mirrors and his and her sinks will create a glamorous spathroom look. 

Natural materials and earthy tones are essential to create a zen like feeling in your bathroom. Choose white sanitary ware and muted shades of green, grey and brown and then add a luxurious look to your bathroom with your tiles.  Tiles bring colour, pattern, texture, a natural look or even a bit of glamour.  Natural stone has character, marble looks opulent, ceramic and porcelain tiles give a minimalist contemporary look. 

To give your bathroom a spa-like feel, keep your bathroom essentials at hand and everything else neatly tucked away to maintain a relaxing atmosphere. Splash out on some spa-inspired accessories – think designer mirrors, candles and tealights, gorgeous smelling soaps and a pile of immaculate white towels resting on a wooden stool. A fluffy bathmat and a towel warmer, so you can enjoy the luxury of heated towels, is also essential.

Invest in creating a luxe bedroom space 

Crafted Beds

In your bedroom, invest in some fresh new bed linen and make your bed up like a hotel every day. Plump up pillows, add a colourful throw and pretty cushions – you will feel relaxed when you go to bed at the end of the evening. 

Whilst dramatic busy patterns have their place, if you’re aiming for an oasis of calm then you should choose plain fabrics. Don’t be afraid to include subtle patterns like stripes, herringbone and small dots which add textural interest without competing for attention.

Tidy up your bedside cabinets and only have essentials on display – hand cream, a relaxing pillow spray, your books and an eye-mask arranged on a pretty tray will mean you can go to sleep without being surrounded by clutter. Buy a beautiful glass water carafe and burn a candle before you go to sleep to create a soothing atmosphere.

I also love a beautifully upholstered chair in the bedroom. Even if you chuck your clothes on it every night, you know it’s stunning underneath.

Kit Kemp, the London hotelier and interior designer, is known for her iconic statement headboards. Statement headboards are a bold design look. A larger-than-life headboard will draw your eye to the centre of a bedroom and allow you to choose a colour and fabric that stands out against you wall covering.

Kit Kemp

Dress up your windows

Don’t scrimp on window dressings. How you decide to dress your windows has a dramatic impact on the look of a room and can be a big investment. 

Secret Linen Store

Curtains are the perfect place to use a large-scale print that you love. Bold prints are best used on tall curtains so you can see the repeat pattern. If you can’t choose between two favourite fabrics, use one on either side of your curtains. I love this look.

Pelmets are also a great way to create a calm pulled together look. Rather than looking old-fashioned, in the right space, fabric pelmets can finish off a pair of curtains perfectly.

I like to hang curtains right to the ceiling. This trick makes the ceilings look higher.

Never underestimate the power of a rug

A rug can transform any space by adding colour, texture and style and can change how a room looks and feels. Rugs can help make the most out of a room through creating different zones and runners are a great way to help lead the eye from one space into another – they also help to fill the space that often makes hallways feel unfinished. I love antique rugs for their power to make your space feel timeless and layered. If you choose a style of rug with hand knotted elements or fringing details it will also add warmth to your room. Layering a rug on top of carpet adds an extra level of comfort and cosiness.

Bring art into your home

Catarina Diaz

As someone who studied art early in my career, I always encourage my clients to bring art into their spaces. A stunning piece of artwork can completely transform a room and stamp your personality on the space. Art can tell a story, add life to a space and bring bold elements into a room. When my clients and I are selecting a colour palette for a room, I often ask them to find a piece of art they love, and we use it as the inspiration for the colour scheme. Art can show your creative side and communicate who you are and your tastes.

Big mirrors create a sense of space

Melody Maison

I love to use strategically placed mirrors. Decorating with mirrors is a great way to increase natural light and create a sense of space. Mirrors have become much more than just a looking glass. A well placed mirror can be used to duplicate your favourite design features. Placing mirrors within the niches of a room also makes darker nooks lighter as they reflect natural daylight as well as lamp lighting. Installing mirrors at the back of a bookshelf can add an illusion of depth.