Trends that are here to last

There are some trends in interior design that are here to stay. Pink as a new neutral, embracing warmer wood tones, the trend for buying vintage and making our practical rooms looks beautiful are ‘trends’ that will last far longer than a few months. 

Vintage and antiques

Creating a home full of personality and charm is where it’s at this year and furnishing your home with vintage pieces is a shortcut to creating an eclectic look. 

We are all getting tired of cheap “fast” furniture from big box stores. Old pieces are often beautifully made and buying vintage is the sustainable way to furnish your home. Going to flea markets and car boots and scouring marketplaces like Vinterior make finding vintage and antique easier than ever.

Some of the most iconic pieces of furniture were created between the 1920s and 1960s and it’s thrilling to see people appreciate vintage and give new life to items that would have otherwise been relegated to the tip!

The best way to showcase vintage is by working it with modern pieces. There are no rules that say you must only use furniture from one era. In fact, I think that can look a little themed and unnatural. The best looking spaces are those that shun convention and mix modern and vintage with abandon.

Dark wood

Dark wood tones are back. This year you can expect to see warmer dark wood flooring as well as furniture.

Dark wood flooring changes the whole look of a room. The rich, deep tones of dark woods like walnut, mahogany, or dark oak, add sophistication and warmth to living and dining rooms. Dark wood is also less susceptible to showing wear and tear, making it practical for high-traffic areas like hallways. 

Look for furniture made from naturally dark walnut or teak, and lighter wood pieces stained in rich chocolates, deep browns, and warm coffee tones. Think dark wood coffee tables, bed frames and sideboards that create a luxurious and inviting atmosphere.

The new utility room

This year is the year the utily room has become the must-have space. Everyone wants a laundry room that looks glamorous as well as functions practically. The utility room has taken over from the larder as the space to experiment with colour and pattern.

Utility rooms are high-traffic areas and need to be ultra-practical, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them beautiful. These so-called “secondary spaces” can house everything from wine fridges, coffee machines, ironing boards and pet beds. Fill them them clever space saving solutions, fun accessories and go for it with paint colours and bold wallpapers.

Pretty in pink

From pastel to vibrant, pink is on trend for 2024 and can be used on walls, woodwork and furniture.

Warm and delicate, pink adds softness to a scheme, making a room feel comfortable and welcoming.

Dusty and muted shades are my favourites.  A soft pink like Farrow and Ball’s Sulking Room Pink, works beautifully with dark woods and organic textures like linen and sheekpskin.

Green kitchens

Green kitchens are having a moment.  Using green creates a sophisticated yet subtle effect, injecting colour into the kitchen without it being overbearing. For a modern update, a deep green, instead of black or grey, will add depth and drama to your kitchen.