Four Alternatives to the Gallery Wall Trend

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I really like a well thought-out gallery wall. They add boundless character and interest to a space and they can be frequently edited to keep it fresh. However, I understand that for some people creating and maintaining a gallery wall feels like too much work. And for others, this trend has just become a little overdone and tired. So, with both of those things in mind, here are four slightly simpler (but no less gorgeous) alternatives to a gallery wall.

Mount Picture Frames on Bookshelves

This alternative is quick, easy, and renter-friendly. Mounting art on your bookshelves creates that same cosy, layered look of a gallery wall without having to measure, line up and nail in lots of little hooks. If you don’t want to make holes in the bookshelf frame, simply lean art on the shelves instead.

Hang Just One Supersized Piece

Go back to basics with one large-scale piece of art instead of lots of smaller ones. Large pieces of art tend to draw the eye in much the same way as a gallery wall, but you only have to hang one thing. By choosing just one piece of art you can also afford to splurge on something you really love.

Art over Statement Wallpaper

People generally leave statement wallpaper alone on the wall; after all it was designed to do all talking. But if you want to create an ultra-exciting maximalist look, hang a framed print on top of bold wallpaper. It gives that mismatched look of a gallery wall but with a totally unique approach.

The Mantelpiece Gallery

No nails, no spirit levels, no stress. In this gallery wall alternative we simplify and streamline the process by leaning 3-5 art prints on a mantelpiece or shelf. It’s quick to create and even quicker to change around if you ever fancy an update.