Dulux announces Sweet Embrace™ as Colour of the Year for 2024

Dulux has announced its Colour of the Year for 2024 as Sweet Embrace™, a delicate pale pink that taps into the in-vogue pink interior trend. This gentle blossom pink is welcoming and brings a sense of peace, calm and friendliness to living and working spaces. 

Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director at Dulux, says: “What is so wonderful about Sweet Embrace™ is its soothing subtlety. While being a beautiful standalone colour, it’s a hue that matches perfectly with so many other shades so you can use it as a backdrop to build a totally individual space upon. A shade as versatile as Sweet Embrace™ encourages us to get creative and fashion spaces that allow occupants to feel completely at home.”

“While being a beautiful standalone colour, it’s a hue that perfectly combines with so many other shades making it a cheerleader in colour form,” adds Marianne. “It’s the perfect modern neutral that you can use with confidence, knowing it will unite each element from furnishings to artwork whilst creating a gently uplifting atmosphere.”

If you are wondering what colours you can pair with Sweet Embrace™, Dulux have taken the guess work out if it. They have created three gorgeous complementary colour palettes designed to be used on the walls, as well as in accessories and furniture.

Keep your cool

The first palette is a cool, calming palette designed to create a quiet space for a tranquil feeling.

The blue-grey undertones in Sweet Embrace™ mean it’s a great partner for a naturally inspired palette of soft blues and greens.

Warm things up

A palette of earth tones creates a space where comfort is key.

If you’ve got a north-facing room that needs some extra warmth, you can match Sweet Embrace™ with cosy shades of copper, ochre and taupe.

Feel uplifted

A curation of modern lilacs and ochres, this palette is an upbeat combination which will create an energised and joyful space.

Using these vibrant tones will create a fun, friendly space that is guaranteed to make you smile. 

Truly versatile, Sweet Embrace™  is a warm and delicate hue that adds sweetness to a decorative scheme without being saccharine. It’s also a metameric colour, meaning it changes tone with the light – in morning light it appears crisp, becoming a more blush pink during bright daylight and more violet in the evening. Subtle and sophisticated, it brings warmth to north-facing spaces and softness to sunlit rooms.

Will you be using Sweet Embrace™ in 2024?

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