25 easy tips to update your home part 1

There are lots of quick and easy ways to revamp your home ready for the spring. In the next few blog posts I will share my top 25 tips.

Tidy the front of your house

After this long wet winter, you’ll find your garden path, walls and any external woodwork can look a bit tired. Get out the pressure washer and blast any dirt away. Then you can get on with repairing any loose mortar and repainting window cills and doors to freshen them up. 

If your front door is looking a bit tired, a good sanding down and a couple of coats of paint will give it a completely new look. I am loving all the dark blue and olive green doors I am seeing now.

Revamp your outdoor furniture

While you are focusing on the outside of your house, give your outdoor furniture a lick of paint and create a whole new look to your garden. I love a brightly coloured bistro set or a pretty blue and white seaside inspired look to transport me to sunnier climes. 

Paint your floorboards

If you have old floorboards which aren’t in good enough shape to stain, why not paint them? White- or pastel-coloured floorboards look pretty in bedrooms and can just be repainted when they get dirty. Black or dark grey floorboards look chic when varnished to give them a sophisticated look. You do need to sand your floorboards to prep them but after that it’s an easy job.

Upcycle an old cupboard

Spring is the time flea markets and car boots start up again and I love to look for old bits of furniture to upcycle. Reimagine them with a new coat of paint and a new function. An old pine cupboard can become a kitchen larder, or a melamine display cabinet can hold all your favourite toiletries in the bathroom.

Buy some new house plants

Adding house plants instantly makes a home more spring-like. Remember though, that your choice of plant pots is as important as your choice of plants. Colourful Mexican pots and macrame plant hangings give a boho vibe, while crisp white ceramics in geometric shapes look fresh and contemporary. 

Source new curtains or blinds

Replace any dark heavy curtains for light fabrics like linen and voile to let in plenty of light. 

Your curtains and blinds are a great way to introduce colour and pattern into your home. In a neutral home, the introduction of a bit of pattern on a Roman blind can be all you need to lift a room from bland to beautiful. I love bright florals or pretty stripes. 

Let there be light

Don’t underestimate the power of changing your lighting. A backlit mirror, a picture light over a statement piece of art or dimmer switches in the kitchen can make a huge difference to the atmosphere of a room. Lamps create interesting lighting in a room and there has never been such a huge choice of lampshades as there are now. 

Go crazy for cushions

Cushions can add texture to the room and are a great way of changing the style and feel of your home in the spring. Swop wool or velvet cushions for linen cushions in soft muted colours and you’ll have a completely different look.

Replace your rug

A new rug can also create a completely new look. A fabulous, patterned rug will add depth to a room and pull an open plan space together. Layered rugs look great on a wooden floor. If a rug isn’t big enough, a top tip is to buy a large sisal rug and use that as your base.

Next week I will share more of my top tips.