Grand Illusions: Clever Ways to Hide the TV

Image: Clair Strong Interior Design

TVs are a permanent fixture in most family living rooms. Who doesn’t love a good Netflix session after a long day at work? Unfortunately, those big black boxes and their cords can be a bit unsightly and stand out for all the wrong reasons.

I think the TV should be a focal point only when it’s on, the rest of the time it should blend seamlessly into the space. Here are three smart ways to ensure it does just that…

Create a Gallery Wall around the TV

Take the focus away from the TV by hanging art around it. Use a mix of frame sizes and styles, but do include some in the same colour as the TV (to tie it all in together). This is a really cost-effective way to disguise your TV and you can change it up as often as you desire.

Paint the Walls to Match

Dark walls are very much in vogue at the moment and rich colours like grey, navy and black can look striking, sophisticated and just plain cool. A dark colour will also help to camouflage the TV. If the idea of an all dark room seems a bit scary to you, consider painting a single accent wall – just make sure it’s the wall you hang the TV on.

Build it into the Bookcase

A bookcase filled with books, ornaments and family photographs is also a great place for a TV. You can have one custom made to fit your TV’s measurements, or you can ‘hack’ IKEA bookcases to suit your needs. I really like the idea of a whole wall of books as in the image below, it becomes a striking and important part of the room’s interior design, rather than just a storage solution.

What do you think? How do you decorate around your TV? Let me know in the comments below.