Four trends for summer 2024

Update your home this summer with some of the season’s hottest trends.

Image: Sanderson

Go green

Image: Little Greene

We associate green with nature, energy and the Great Outdoors and so it’s the perfect colour choice to use in the summer. Green is a quiet restful colour that can help you feel chilled out. Think of looking up at a canopy of trees, the expanse of green in a lovely park, a summer lawn and rolling fields; all relaxing spaces. There are more shades of green than of any other colour, from soft moss greens, through bright emerald greens to zingy lime greens. There are bright grass greens, dark forest greens and soft pale eau de nil greens. 

Green is everywhere in interiors for 2024 and it’s a very easy colour to work with. It is neither hot or cold and it neither projects or recedes. You can treat it as a neutral and mix it with a huge number of other colours. It works in many different rooms and on many different surfaces.

Totally tropical

Image: Warner House

According to Pinterest, Tropical Chic Décor is one of the hottest trends for 2024. From striking wallpaper and patterned sofas to brightly coloured cushions, tropical prints are everywhere.  The trend has evolved from the botanical trend of a few years ago and our recent obsession with house plants. Think palm leaves, brightly coloured flowers, butterflies, pineapples, flamingoes and exotic animals. 

Try wallpapering a statement wall with botanical or jungle leaf patterns to add life and vibrancy to your space or simply add a pop of exotic hot-house pink, fiery orange, vibrant purple or sunshine yellow, whether through art, cushions or blankets, to add a splash of tropical zing to a neutral room. 

Boho chic

Image: Soho House

Another big trend for summer 2024 is Boho Chic. Think of a relaxing 1970s vibe with lots of natural materials, handmade textiles and arty bohemian artwork. Use light woods, neutral colours and interesting accessories like musical instruments, dreamcatchers and embroidered tapestries.

The key to this look is to use natural materials – they make amazing neutrals and give an instant feeling of cool bohemian style to any space. They’re durable, environmentally friendly, and look stylish. Choose from woven baskets, natural-fibre rugs, unvarnished wood and natural collections of all kinds; seashells, stones, driftwood, pressed leaves and flowers – anything from nature will create a boho chic vibe. 

Natural materials are also great neutrals that work with many different interior styles so it’s a timeless look. 

Wonderful wallpaper

Image: Sanderson

Wallpaper is really on trend this summer. Paper a whole room, an accent wall or panelling. From traditional florals to contemporary geometrics and tropical botanicals or animal motifs, there is something for everyone. 

Mixing wallpaper and paint is a great way to create contrast and interest in a room. I like to paper one wall in a really gorgeous expensive designer wallpaper and paint the rest of the room in its background colour, so it blends in perfectly. Use wallpaper in panels or as a headboard and don’t be afraid to use more than one wallpaper design in a room; one wall in a flamboyant botanical and another in striped wallpaper can look really striking. 

Will you embrace one of these trends this summer?