Creating a peaceful home – part 1

Image: Rose & Grey

Creating a peaceful retreat far away from the stresses of life is something we should all aspire to. I have lots of ideas to turn your home into a calming, peaceful space from clearing out the clutter to building in storage space. Read on for six top tips.

Clear out the clutter

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As the saying goes, a cluttered space equals a cluttered mind! Clutter creates visual noise which is stressful, so throw away anything that does not serve any purpose. It can seem daunting if you’ve amassed a lot of possessions, so focus on one room at a time and sort everything into three piles – to keep, to give away or mend, or to throw away. 

Once you have decluttered, you will instantly feel more serene and in control.

Display cherished items

Image: Rose and Grey

Once you have decluttered you can focus on what to keep on display in your home.

From your children’s drawings to old photographs and holiday mementoes, there are countless things that have sentimental value. You need to sort out the items that are the most precious to you and only put those ones on display in your home. Try to create beautiful arrangements of keepsakes by thinking carefully about where and how you display them. Group similar items together, create a gallery wall for photographs and pictures, and dedicate a shelving unit to sentimental finds. 

A home full of precious memories will be a calm space.

Create lots of closed storage

Image: Kitchen Makers

For functional items, make sure everything has a home and try to keep as much as you can behind closed doors. Allocate drawers, cabinets, baskets and bins for your things so everything has its place. Baskets are brilliant for everything from shoes to toilet paper. The less clutter you have to look at, the more you’ll feel calm and relaxed.

Focus on things you love


​Have items in your home that relax you or bring you joy. A home full of the things you love will always alleviate stress. Small personal touches make a big difference to how we feel about our homes. Fresh seasonal flowers, a painting you love, cushions in a beautiful fabric, a colourful fruit bowl, gorgeous smelling candles – these are the things that will help you relax and unwind. 

Make it a goal to have less stuff overall but more things you really love. Let go of items you don’t really like and take your time choosing the perfect new pieces. Finding a beautiful old chest of drawers in an antique market or saving up for an expensive chair upholstered in a fabulous fabric will ensure they are pieces you’ll love every time you use them.

Get the light right

Image: Beaumonde

Avoid fluorescent lighting and make sure your home is full of natural light. Keep your curtains and blinds open to let in the daylight. When it gets dark, make sure your lighting creates a calming atmosphere. Overhead lighting can be harsh so look for table lamps or reading lights that create a more gentle relaxing light. Fairy lights, lanterns and candles also help to keep the lighting low and atmospheric. 

Opt for plain fabrics or subtle patterns

Image: Loaf

Whilst dramatic busy patterns have their place, if you’re aiming for an oasis of calm then you should choose plain fabrics. Don’t be afraid to include subtle patterns like stripes, herringbone and small dots which add textural interest without competing for attention.

Next week I’ll be giving you six more top tips to help make your home an oasis of calm.