Project in Progress: Grass Roots Office Refurbishment (Phase 3)


As you probably know by now, the Grass Roots Group hired me to provide full consultation, design and project management of their Queen Anne House office in Bath. It’s been a huge project, with a full refurbishment of 3 floors of offices, meeting rooms and staff facilities. I’m very proud to say that phase 3 is complete and the project is finally finished. It’s been a demanding but very rewarding few months.

Before we get to the photos, I want to give a quick overview of phase 3, which included a bike workshop, the entrance area, another open plan office and the building exterior.

The bike workshop might be my favourite part of the whole project because we used some really interesting decorating materials here. Like the bespoke vinyl wallpaper that looks like concrete, and the hardwearing vinyl tile flooring designed to look like sheet metal. The oversized spanner decal adds a bit of humour and ties in with the decals in the rest of the building. They already had industrial style shelving in red which we recycled, and combined with the new black leather sofa works well against the grey walls. The idea was to create a striking yet practical space, a place where bikes can be mended without worrying too much about the surroundings and ad hoc meetings can take place.

In the reception, the first thing staff and visitors see on entering the building is an anamorphic image of a bike. Again, we used colours that reflect the company’s branding to ensure it all ties together. This was considered in every detail, including things like the directory board, the durable vinyl flooring and the signage used throughout the building.

As for the third open-plan office, we sought to make this much brighter and fresher. We decorated entirely, updated the lighting and fitted it out with new furniture. The office also features more bespoke wall graphics.

And finally, the exterior. We kept this simple; a new lick of paint for the front door (Farrow & Ball’s Hague Blue), freshly painted ironwork and new planters to create a fresh, inviting look.

The photos do the space far better justice than I can in words, so I’ll pass over to them. Huge thanks to Nick Smith for all his hard work and talent photographing this project.

grass-roots-0 grass-roots-1



grass-roots-3 grass-roots-4 grass-roots-5

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