Turn your garden into an outside room

There are lots of clever ways of making your outside space function as a stylish, comfortable and functional room. Making outdoor living comfortable is all about thinking about the extra details, especially when it comes to soft furnishings like cushions, rugs and throws.

Basement kitchen redesign 

We recently finished a complete refurbishment of a five storey house close to the centre of the city of Bath. The Grade II listed property needed top to toe renovation. 
The basement is where the kitchen is situated.

Top tips for making your home summer-ready

Read my top tips to make your home feel summer-ready – from swapping curtains for blinds to let in the light to introducing floral fabrics to add life and joy to your space. Embracing natural materials, dressing your bed with soft linen bedding in summer shades and getting a BBQ to cook summer feasts outside, I love making changes to my house in the summer.