How to Take On the Houseplant Trend

Houseplants exploded in popularity a few years ago and it’s easy to see why. Plants are timeless, they’re affordable, they are valuable (some cleanse the air, others reduce stress) and in urban spaces, they give us our much-needed connection to nature. Oh, and of course they look good too.

If you’re new to this trend, here are my tips for tackling it (while preventing any houseplant casualties along the way).

Choosing Your Plant
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Because houseplants have become trendy, they are very easy to get hold of. Most garden centres now offer a good selection of interesting species. The trouble is, choice can be overwhelming and the garden centre will only provide very basic care instructions. I strongly recommend doing some research online before you start spending.

Look for plants that will thrive in your home. Every space has its own unique conditions: some homes are a little cold or damp, others are warm year-round. Some have lots of natural light, others are short on windows. There are a number of conditions that will affect how plants grow, so get to know your space from a houseplant perspective first. Then choose your plants based on that knowledge.

Finding the Right Spot


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Finding the right spot for your plant is essential to its survival. Because different plants have different needs, you’ll need to plan carefully where each one is to live. Some plants need direct sunlight all day, while others thrive in shady corners. This is great, because it gives you options.

Once you’ve taken into account the needs of the plant, you can look at how it fits within the space. Styling is important because houseplants are as much decorative as they are valuable. You could buy a handful of tiny succulents in little pots, but will they get lost amongst the clutter on shelves or windowsills? Will large, leafy plants get in the way? These are important considerations.

Keep it Simple or Go Wild?

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If Pinterest is anything to go by, the houseplant trend is not for minimalists. People are creating their own ‘urban jungles’ and filling their homes with piles of plants. While this can look quite beautiful, it’s not always practical. It takes a lot of time, commitment and space to care for that many plants. Plus it can look cluttered and chaotic if not carefully styled and maintained.

It’s all down to personal taste of course, but I prefer a simpler, pared back rendition of the houseplant trend. A moderate approach can be just as effective as a maximalist one. It’s just a lot more manageable.

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