How to Merge Two (or more) Distinct Interior Styles

Image source: Clair Strong Interior Design

If you share your home with a partner or friend it’s important that the space reflects both of your personalities. It might seem tricky to find a way to blend divergent styles, but today I’m highlighting simple ways in which you can merge two or more distinct interior designs to suit shared living. Live alone and have a penchant for different styles? This blog post is for you, too!

Rinse and Repeat

To achieve a unified look in your home repetition is important. When blending two or more styles together a repeated colour scheme, texture or specific pattern can be utilised to bring different looks together. For example, if one person likes a lot of rustic wood furniture and another prefers sleek lines and black accents, splashes of green can help to soften and blend the two.

Accessorise Strategically

To allow for a flowing design that is easy on the eye be sure to evenly distribute your accessories and any statement pieces. It’s likely that if you live with a partner or friend you’ll have an eclectic collection of ‘stuff’ so by dotting these around the house, rather than creating a cluster effect, you’ll create a quirky but aesthetically pleasing home.

Find Visual Balance

The most important thing to remember is to choose decorative items of a similar proportion. Doing so will add a pleasing symmetry to your mismatched space. This allows for varying tastes to come together and still appear cohesive. For example, if you hang a large statement mirror, hang a framed print or wall hanging of a similar visual weight on the opposite wall to create that much-needed balance.

Do Try This at Home

If you’re struggling to find styles that work well together why not give these tested interior designs a try:

  • Rustic farmhouse meets contemporary styling; try blending faded wood furniture with sleek lines and bold lighting.
  • Traditional minimalism and opulent glamour makes for a surprisingly successful pairing; inject a metallic colour scheme into your sparse space for a subtle hint of warmth and luxury.
  • Mid-century interiors blend well with just about anything; pair that chunky wooden table with ghost chairs and statement lighting for a rustic mid-century mash-up.

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