How to Find and Define Your Personal Style: Part 2

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Today we’re finding and defining our personal style with some practical tips. Let’s get right back to it!

Walk Around Your Home

Have you ever heard the saying ‘can’t see the woods for the trees’? Sometimes we’re so focused on finding our personal style and creating the perfect home, we don’t realise we’re already most of the way there. That’s why a slow, focused walk around of your home is a must. Take in your favourite parts, what is it about them that you love? Then acknowledge the areas that need work. Why do they need work? What would you rather see there instead? What stands out to you, for good or bad? When you’ve taken stock of your space, you may find you have a much clearer picture of what you want.

Remember it’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

Unless you have an endless budget, defining your personal style and then immediately crafting the perfect home just isn’t feasible. Instead this is something you can work on over months and years, slowly building a beautiful and functional space.

Taking it slow isn’t just for budgetary reasons. Personal style evolves and changes as our lives evolve and change. You may love maximalism right now, but in five years time you may find yourself veering towards something completely different. Constantly, slowly, and deliberately working at your home and style will ensure you never suddenly find yourself with decor you hate.

Hire a Professional

If you’re still struggling to pin point your personal style you might consider hiring a professional interior designer. By asking thoughtful questions and assessing your current needs, they can help you discover your aesthetic. And talking through your design problems really helps you better understand them. Besides, professional interior designers have access to lots of interesting retailers and designers that you may not be familiar with, opening up the options for your home.

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